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This is US, the INKspired Team

We are a small family-owned business operating in Mississauga run by husband and wife duo, Alexa & Dario.

Alexa & Dario met in 2008 and started dating shortly thereafter. Dario had a degree in graphic design, Alexa in Media Communication and Event Planning. Dario had dabbled in screen printing since a young child. After college, he started working for a screen printing company in Toronto. He grew to love the industry even more which spiked his interest in entrepreneurship.

Dario started doing small jobs for friends and sports teams out of his apartment with his 1 station, 4 colour manual press. As the demand increased, we started looking for a location to lease and larger equipment to purchase. In 2013, Inkspired was born!!

2015 - We moved to a larger location in Mississauga

2016 - Alexa & Dario Got Married

2017 – We purchased our first Workhorse Freedom 8 colour, 6 station automatic machine

2018 - Alexa & Dario welcomed their daughter Sophia

and the rest is history.

We are continuing to grow and learn the industry ins and outs. We have adopted many new techniques over the years, purchased new equipment to offer several other services to our clients, and are growing our team by the numbers. We are so happy to be where we are today and will continue to better ourselves and drive the Canadian screen printing industry forward.

Founded in 2013, INKspired grew a reputation for quality printing services and exceptional customer service. As a result, we have become one of the leading.

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